sandy hook racks
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Roll on - roll off

The center supports on sandy hook racks are foam covered friction rollers (patent pending). Your board or kayak won't move until you push or pull it. It will slide until it hits a foot strap or deck rigging, then the roller will roll. No danger of accidentally rolling off.

Ceiling mounted

Attaches to ceilings or rafters with common 16" joist spacing. Fits joists across or in-line with storage direction. Supports 100 lbs.

Easy Install

The hardest part will be finding the joists.  You'll want a drill for pilot holes and a phillips screwdriver to mount.

15" to 23" drop from ceiling mount point with spring pins. Also rotates for parallel or perpendicular joists.

Available in 30" and 46" storage widths (32" and 48" width mount).
Accessory Arms

Keep your masts, sails, and boom with your board; your paddle with your kayak. Hang your harness, helmet, or PFD on the ends.